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Priscilla Diana potman

Priscilla Diana potman
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Official E-mail:
Contact phone number:
(0031) 639-289532

Licensed and non-active ATIH teacher

As a child i always had a deep connection with animals. When i was on vacation i heard from my grandmother that my cat died. I was very sad. When i finally came home from vacation and my dogs came back from the cannel, i was glad to see them. The first thing i did was going for a walk with them.

When i was walking with my doges i got a familiar feeling. A second later i saw my cat, and directly i thought "huh grandmother said Felix(the cat) was dead". When i was home i directly called her and asked where Felix died. It was at that exact same corner where i saw him.

Directly i began to cry. It was from that moment that i began to see very strange thing. People that were not there, other animals form friends that died. 10 years later i met my partner marcel. He was very depressed at the time. We began to search for thing that could make him happier. He already stopped with his medicine because it did not help.

We found there was more in life then only working and living a normal life. So we started meditating. Pretty soon i begin to see images. From there on everything was in the flow. In 2007 we Found Drunvalo's work.

We followed his work for several years. We found out about ascension and Mother Earth. It was in late 2011 begin 2012 that i made contact with the spirit of the planet "Mother Earth". We did many ceremonies for her. It was a few months later that we did the first workshop.

When we completed it i was certain. I will do everything in my power to become a ATHI Teacher. So I connected with my higher self and she said. Go for it. That is my story how i become a atih teacher. Much Love, Priscilla

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