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Paola Marquez

Paola Marquez
ATIH Teacher Certificate

​(5255) 277-13407
Website address :

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Hello my spiritual name is Padme, I am a Spiritual and Health Coach and one of Drunvalo’s certified teachers authorized to share his wonderful knowledge –which I have been facilitating since 2012 with great honor. This valuable information has allowed thousands of people all over the World to transform their consciousness in only four days.

I work along with my husband Carlos R Casillas who has founded a multi media platform where we have a Radio Station and other media where we share spiritual information to all our audience.

We are both Health Coaches determined to help people live in harmony and happiness based on a more balanced lifestyle, healthy nourishment, spirituality, meditation and other means and techniques to question the belief systems and emotions.

I am also a Reiki and Magnified Healing therapist; I love crystals and essential oils since they offer a simple, healthy way to keep our bodies well-balanced. I also have a great passion for cooking, but mostly for healthy cooking, adapting delicious recipes into nutritious and vegan options. I am convinced that the way we eat can transform our consciousness –and ultimately, the World we live in.

One summer, after reading some Drunvalo books –and having practiced the Merkaba meditation for some years– I had the opportunity to attend to Drunvalo’s workshops in Sedona, AZ. That was, for sure, one turning point in my life: from that day on, I felt a deep desire in my soul to share these teachings with more and more people.

Today, I feel honored to transmit Drunvalo’s work to all those who want to answer their inner call and connect with their hearts. It is my desire to assist as many human beings as possible and help them remember the truth about who they are and where to find all the answers they are looking for –in the closest and more sacred place: their own heart.

It will be a tremendous privilege for me to share this information with you. From my heart to yours, Padme (Paola Marquez)

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