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Valentina Scognamiglio

Valentina Scognamiglio
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Roma, Italy
​Contact phone number:
(338) 327-3738

​Licensed and Active ATIH teacher

Since I incarnated on this wonderful planet, I knew I was here for a higher reason, but I did not what it was at that time. So, I started searching and searching for the Truth and the Unveiled.

At the time I was a teenager I met a book that explained the existance of Spirit beyond matter and the spiritual sense of our lives, that made so much sense for me!! I was finally so happy and open-hearted...this was the meaning I was looking for so desperately! Since then I have been kept on reading, studying, attending courses and workshops and learning all that meant to me...I was following my inner guidance...and the major lesson I was learning was "Trust".

I have been so supported during all my path, Life is great and I am so grateful, I have always been. When I met Melchizedeck consciousness through Drunvalo's work I realized that was "home" for me and I just remembered that my purpose in life was to be at Service. And here I am.

Teaching and learning everyday Life lessons, Universal Laws and the Beauty of Truth and Love. Be trustful, be joyful and everything will unfold just in front of your eyes for your greatest good.

From my heart to yours, Valentina.

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