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Tatiana Haggerty

Tatiana Haggerty
ATIH Teacher Certificate

United States
​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(305) 878-8663

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

My first trip to Egypt, in May 2006, came about due to a coincidence. I was practical and skeptical scientist. While in Egypt, I met an Irish woman who lived there named Mara. She told me about the tunnel under the Great pyramid and Drunvalo's story. At that time I knew nothing about Drunvalo and his teaching, but immediately wanted to go into the tunnel.

The night before the trip to the tunnel, Mara told me about the scary stories surrounding others experiences in the tunnel. Evaluating everything in my skeptical scientific mind, I did not believe of any of the stories.

Mara arranged for our trip into the Well chamber under The Great Pyramid and I crawled into the tunnel alone. I got all the way to the end of the tunnel. This one experience changed my life forever. I understood that life is not what we had been taught by society, or in school, or by family.

Life is a mystery and a miracle. … On January 12, 2007 I attended my first workshop with Drunvalo in Maryland. While we were there , the mid winter changed into warm spring weather and stayed that way until the workshop ended. It was miraculous. I cried badly because I did not want to return to so-called "normal life". Since 2007, I took a few detours, went to workshops from different teachers and appreciated them as well.

I became certified by Tom Kenyon as a sound healer, attained and certified of The Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl, who was featured in the movie The living Matrix.

I studied with Elizabeth Severino who is an animal communicator and author. I met 17th Karmapa twice and was initiated by him into the Mantra of Medicine Buddha, in the second meeting he gave us the Mantra of the Original Buddha.... Throughout all my travels and experiences with other teachers, I always kept coming back to Drunvalo, taking his workshops in different cities, very memorable one was in Uxmal in Mexico, Awakening The Illuminated Heart.

Now I am honored and in deep gratitude to have the privilege to be certified by Drunvalo to teach this very workshop.

I can hold a place for your awakening because I have experienced the changes in me and now I have this knowledge inside me. But only you can do the job for you. A single experience is worth a thousand theories. It is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. In the workshop I will do the best from my heart to assist you in your journey to your awakening. Thank you.

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