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Silva Machoulian Sarkissian

Silva Machoulian Sarkissian
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Official E-mail:
Contact phone number:
(+961) 318-6277

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

I am a Lebanese Armenian, currently living in Armenia.

I have been drawn to this work by my heart and guides.

I am a healer and a lightworker.

Arabic is my second language, I am the teacher presenting the workshop to the Arab world, (until now I am the only teacher, I wish there were more).

I told Drunvalo that I am going to present this to the Arab world during our "Teachers' Training" in Guadalajara, He put His hand on His heart and said, "I have always wanted this work to reach the Arab World, they are our brothers and sisters, and if you are the one to do it, so be it".

I am so humbled by the teachings and so grateful.

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