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Paul Alan Reimers

Paul Alan Reimers
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Joshua Tree
United States
Contact phone number:
(310) 707-5911

I have been meditating, practicing Qi Gong and exploring subtle energy and consciousness for over 30 years. I love exploring different aspects of the process of creation and finding ways to expand consciousness and shift states of being.

I write and teach classes and workshops on sacred geometry, alchemy, meditation, imagery, neurofeedback, biofeedback, subtle energy, the chakras, shadow work, dowsing and kinesiology as well as teach the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop that has been created by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

I absolutely love helping others to remember more of who they are at their core and connect to their Higher Self, Angels and the massive support that is there for them. What is so powerful about this is how each person finds their way into their Sacred Space and Tiny Space is unique while the essence is shared by all.

I am deeply honored to be a part of this group of teachers sharing this work during this time of great awakening. For information on classes and video content visit

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