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Michelle Pacheco

Michelle Pacheco
ATIH Teacher Certificate

New York
United States
Contact phone number
(+40) 729-536551
Website address:

Licensed and Active ATIH teacher

“Making a make a difference in at least one person's life!" is Michelle's motto that made her give up a successful corporate career in banking in the US and follow her passion- working with people for their awakening to a new consciousness!

Originated from Romania, Michelle moved to the United States 30 years ago, where she made the “American Dream” come true. Despite her success, in 2010 she left the corporate banking world and dedicated herself to her higher mission, becoming a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer.

Michelle has been a Certified Teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart since 2011, working with Drunvalo Melkizedek from the inception of School of Remembering..

She also is a Certified Coach and Facilitator in powerful healing techniques, like BreathMastery led by Dan Brule, Master of Reiki and practitioner of School of Images® led by Catherine Shainberg.

Michelle continuously shared her knowledge and experience with thousands of people worldwide, preserving the integrity of Drunvalo's work, in hundred workshops over the past 10 years, applying all the knowledge she gained through her education, and from her ancestral remembrance and inner wisdom.

She also founded American Romanian Association Breathing Therapy, Facilitating the BreatheMastery, Training the trainers, organizing periodical workshops with Dan Brule.

During present times of critical change in consciousness, she desires to support the process of healing and awakening for as many people as possible.

Michelle is a gifted spiritual Guide, that is gently leading you on the path for meeting with Your Higher Self. Above all her knowledge, techniques and Certifications, Michelle uniqueness is her profound connection and authentic bonding with every participant.

More than workshops, seminars or private sessions, Michelle’s work is about living unique Experiences and Bonding. Guiding people from her Tiny Space of the Heart, helping them to reconnect with unconditional Love, Michelle is connecting Hearts.

ATIH Certified Teacher workshop ““Awakening the Illuminated Heart®” at Drunvalo Melchizedek, School of Remembering®

Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach / Personal Development "The Art of Emotional Healing" - Creator and Facilitator

Certified BreathMastery Facilitator and Coach / BreathMastery (Dan Brule) & American Romanian Association Breathing Therapy (ARATR)

International Certified Reiki Master - Reiki Practitioner & Trainer / William Lee Rand - The International Center for Reiki Training ®

Studied at School of Images® with Catherine Shainberg

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