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Margery June Detring

Margery June Detring
ATIH Teacher Certificate

United States
​Official E-mail :
Contact phone number:
(573) 645-9122
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

My relationship with the natural world of Earth and Sky was encouraged by roaming my family farm as far back as I remember. As an adult I began meditating in 1970, finished a Master’s degree.

After marrying a Park Ranger and living in parks as diverse as Glacier and Death Valley and Canyon de Chelly, I explored many wild natural places and different careers.

I taught in both public school and University, in Indian Reservations and in towns, trained as a geologist, owned a store specializing in authentic Native American Art and music, was active on the Pow Wow circuit 10 years, am artisan bread baker, basket weaver, and now teacher again.

I first met Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1999, and continue studying with him, becoming an ATIH teacher in 2013, and also a teacher for Heart Imagery, which builds on ATIH. Working alongside people desiring to live in their heart and discover who they truly are is my greatest pleasure; that and sitting barefoot on my stone bench in the woods, back against an oak tree.

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