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Karuna Judith Chapman

Karuna Judith Chapman
ATIH Teacher Certificate

United States
Official E-mail:
Contact phone number:
(831) 461-5646
Website address:

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

I was born and raised in Vancouver Canada. After a year at U.B.C, I became a Medical Laboratory Technologist, married and had two children. When that marriage ended, my kids and I settled in a small town in the Kootenay Mountains of B.C. I had a spontaneous experience of kundalini rising and fell in love with a tiny cactus without understanding why.

My spiritual training started when I met a yoga master at a retreat and started to practice the discipline. I met my second husband and we moved to Santa Cruz California to continues our study in an established community here. Years later I studied sufism with an unknown but effective teacher, and then settled into a practice of Zen Bhuddism.

In 2011 I saw a picture of the Flower of Life and realized it was that pattern I had recognized in the tiny cactus so many years before. I bought Drunvalo's Flower of Life Books and devoured them with great excitement.

When I finished reading "Living in the Heart" I attended my first workshop with Drunvalo in Sedona Arizona. My life changed forever. I quickly took a second workshop followed by the Teacher Training Course in Chapala Mexico in April 2013.

I am honored to have been accepted as a teacher of this heart opening work, and so grateful for all Drunvalo has brought to us.

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