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Juliana Bohórquez-Pinzón

Juliana Bohórquez-Pinzón
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Juliana Bohórquez-Pinzón
Colombia (Villa de Leyva)
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Contact phone number:
(57) 318-7174055
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Colombian (South America) Artist and Systemic expert. Who annually convenes the Vision Quest and other ancestral ceremonies with Grandmother Margarita, one of the global elders council members, with whom for more than 10 years they created together the project of a primary forest reserve in Colombia. Juliana was trained by Drunvalo Melchizedek for which she is part of her trainers at the School of Remembering and organizes other gatherings of spiritual relevance.

She is a consultant in Transformations Systems Mapping & Analysis, works with socio-ecological transformation processes at a global level in the context of Bioregions. She leads social mobilization processes and is university professor of the Transdisciplinary Master of Sustainable Living Systems program.

Also she is founder of Meráki® and SysLab® (Systemic Lab), dedicated to research and application innovation in different social and organizational dynamics and patterns. She conducts training for leaders, advises social design processes, and gives workshops internationally. She is a researcher and co-author of education programs for socio-ecological regeneration and transformation.

As director of social mobilization initiatives, she was nominated for the UN SDG Action Awards from the United Nations. Since 2005 she has worked around social reconciliation in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia, as an activist, film documentary maker, researcher and photographer. She was one of the founders of the 'Peace Camp' and one of the leaders of the citizen movement of 2016 in Colombia, in addition to citizen action, she contributed diverse social-ecological processes from Colombian and Latin America.

About her professional training she is Master of Arts from Universidad de los Andes, Master of Education for Development and Global Learning from UCL (London), Master of Systemic Pedagogy from CUDEC (Mexico). She is certified Coach, Organizational Systemic Work Trainer (Hellinger Instituut Holland) and Master Trainer from INFOSYON (Germany).

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