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Joshua Daniel Rinaldi

Joshua Daniel Rinaldi
ATIH Teacher Certificate

United States
Official E-mail
Contact phone number
(570) 510-4022

Licensed and non-active ATIH teacher

The mountains and forests of Northeast Pennsylvania is where Joshua Rinaldi is from. It was his connection to nature combined with his passion for music that planted the seeds that would grow into what they are today.

Joshua's love for music moved him to pursue an Associate of Science degree in audio engineering in 2006. Understanding the dynamics of frequency and wave form would later prove to have a much deeper meaning and purpose in life beyond that of just music for entertainment.

Higher guidance led Josh to the study of human consciousness, meditation, and crystals, along with different healing modalities and tools such as reiki, sound healing, and tachyon technology. Greatly inspired by the work of Michael Tellinger, Graham Hancock, Joseph Campbell, and on and on.

His relentless search for answers was starting to pay off. Josh's journey of self discovery brought him to Sedona Arizona and the Southwest United States in 2011. Since then Josh has traveled all over the U.S and in April of 2013, it was off to Guadalajara Mexico to complete his training to become an Awakening the Illuminated Heart teacher.

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