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Jose Ricardo Araiza Jaffray

Jose Ricardo Araiza Jaffray
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Munich, Germany
​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(+49178) 504-0608
​Website address:

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Hi :) My full name is Jose Ricardo Araiza Jaffray and I am an alternative practitioner from Germany.

I first met Drunvalo in 2007 in Germany when he held one of the last "Earth-Sky-Heart"-Workshops here. That was already the predecessor of the ATIH-Work and had nearly all the elements already included only in a different order.

When I experienced this special space inside my heart for the first time, it was one of the most intense, wonderful and fascinating experiences of my life.
I knew already then and there that I want to be a teacher of this work because I wanted others to have this experience too.

And thank god, 2013 this opportunity was given to us. Since 2014 I enjoy very much to show this experience to others. I am very grateful that LIFE guided me to this point and I will continue this work with love and joy.

May our work be a blessing for the whole world and all life everywhere, Ricardo Araiza

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