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Jose Fernando Orduz Sánchez​

Jose Fernando Orduz Sánchez​
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Bogota, Colombia
​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(310) 257-2776
website address:

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

I am a medical doctor. I am master in públic Health and alternative medicine. I am a lecture in the School of medicine. I have a clínic in integrative medicine. I’ve attented about 9000 patients in 12 years. I used sacred Geometry and i did the AITH workshop about 100 persons in this 8 years.

Really i am thankful with Drunvalo teachings, his knowledgs and his advices in three workshop that i Took with him. My clinic was a Beautiful vision from a meditation in the sacred space of heart. And i create in that moment and now its a reality!!!!!

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