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Iryna Eysmont

Iryna Eysmont
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Sedona, United States & Kiev, Ukraine
Official E-mail:
Contact phone number: (952) 426-8707
Website address:

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

They say when one experiences Universal Love again, there is no way back.
And I can definitely state, for me it's absolutely true!

It happened to me more than thirty years ago, and since then I've been
walking this path to Remember. 

 My biggest excitement and passion is in returning fire of happiness into
people’s eyes and hearts, doesn't matter how broken their past is.

We are born as unlimited Beings. We came to live a miraculous experience. It’s
time to Remember how to stop experience of limitations and to step into our
miraculous unlimitedness using eternal knowledge of the Sacred Heart.

The world is ready for you to Remember and do that right now and right here! 
From the birth I experienced everything of what was then a communistic-
country living through family, education and culture. I was dealing with many
different sides of happy and not very happy lives around me, and it was the
best education to prepare me for what I am today: be able to connect dots in
 the Universal blueprint looking into world events. 

When I stepped on my path of Remembering, everything that I was needed to
support me on this path flew into my life. Everything would be manifested in
the needed moment, so I could do what I came here to do - Remember and

 I went through many different trainings, workshops and discoveries. I did my
"homework" & read tons of books on the subject, took anatomy and psychology
courses at college. I've studied spirituality and energy work with many
teachers of different modalities, met many Great Masters of 20th and 21st
centuries. All of that, to me, were the next stepping stones on the road, pieces
of truth. I was looking for an entire picture, a blueprint, a map to Remember
All. My first ATIH experience with Drunvalo was an answer to my search. 

As a young child, I always knew this was to be my last lifetime on Earth as we
lived before, that I am not leaving my body/memory/experience behind and I
will take it with me. I also knew the name Drunvalo Melchizedek before I ever
found his teaching, I just knew it. 

Beginning from 2009, I have been both directly and indirectly involved with
many of Drunvalo and Claudette Melchizedek's workshops as a student,
helper at their workshops and now as a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated

Since the moment I discovered Drunvalo’s teaching, everything - all that I
learned before, my knowing about last life, taking memory with me, came
together and fell into place. 

I became a certified ATIH teacher. Over 9 years I give Awakening the
Illuminated Heart workshop in Sedona and other places. I share about this
ancient science of reconnecting brain and heart to co-Create life without
limitations from the Sacred Heart. My style is observation and my gift is in
recognizing Ancestral debt, mental beliefs and emotional trauma patterns that
are limiting your success, in recognizing obstacles on your way of returning to
your natural power centered in your Sacred Heart. 

In my work I'm using my talents to share with others Remembering of who we
really are, how to recognize and understand  ancient and complex roots of life
experiences and then make desirable changes in your life now integrating rich
life experiences into your light body Mer-Ka-Ba to be able to take those
memories with you and how to assist humanity in ending old duality
limitations experience on Earth and in the Universe. 

Life is about constant change and I still adding pieces to the entire map of the
Universal wisdom that has been an exciting gift of living the duality limitations
dream the experiences we are all graduating from now. It has been a lifetime
research that became my lifestyle. It is not only useful and effective, but big
fun and an exciting adventure of "creating out of nothing!" and living your life
in a way you consciously choose to live. 

Today my life is a perfect blend of having a human experience enjoying every
moment of it and co-Creating with Mother-Earth and the entire Universe an
exciting experience of the brand new world from the Sacred Heart based in
beauty of unconditional Love.

I am very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your choice to

Please contact me at to plan your ATIH experience
adjusted to your schedule.

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