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Irina Vasilevna Peshkova

Irina Vasilevna Peshkova
ATIH Teacher Certificate

​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(+7) 916-6919667

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Since childhood I was admired by people who can make miracles ... The question sounded in me: "How do they do this?" I was born in a small town near Moscow. And I lived but wasn’t alive for some time ... Studying, family, business ...the years flew by… but the desire to know the invisible was still there...inside of my heart… I got Reiki, become a healer. In 2003, by the will of fate, I ended up with the Flower of Life group in Egypt and this trip changed my life.

I had a feeling that I received the Blessing of the Universe. I became a researcher of inner Self and had intention of knowing the Truth ... Practices of qigong, SanDao, spiritual seminars, "School of Images" by Catherine Scheinberg.

Following the call of my Soul, I traveled the world: Egypt, China, India, Israel, Germany, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, of course amazingly beautiful, sacred places in Russia and saw a lot of beautiful people .. So different, so similar and in each a gift from God, a whole Universe, each one of them was a Teacher .... Having met Drunvalo Melchizedek in 2003, I attended the “Live in Heart” workshop in Germany in 2005. Now, looking back, I see my life as a School of Remembering, or as the path to True Self... And I can say that only by healing our heart from the emotional and mental injuries of this and past lives, we can Shine by opening our Heart in Love and realizing the Oneness of All.

After all, we are all particles of the One .. The processes that are currently taking place on the Planet show the need to find a new path to disclose our inner potential for expansion, healing and change in our personal lives and in the world like never before. Living in two worlds at the same time is a real art. Quantum reality offers us limitless possibilities so it’s worthwhile to figure out how to navigate in this frequency domain and use its gifts.

To realize the work of energy structure is to see the work of the mechanisms of the universe. And our Heart is a conductor to the world of subtle energies. The world is the images created by Consciousness, and Consciousness can change it if it is directly connected with the human heart. Everything in the heart is One. We are inseparable from everything in the Universe. And this idea of universal Oneness harmonizes the teachings of Jesus and Buddha, Einstein's theory and quantum physics.

Science and mysticism are surprisingly unanimous now, although they are not always aware of this. What is life? Life is Love! ... And Love is following your Heart. Our Heart is always connected to the Divine source. After all, the Heart is the source of Love and Unity Consciousness, the place of Creation. It is very important to learn to think with the Heart and feel with the head.

Opening our heart, healing it from pain and all kinds of blocks, we remember and know ourselves as True. We begin to be Creator. Sometimes it’s very difficult to do it by ourselves and we need help. I invite you to the workshop "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" ATIH.

The workshop helps you remember: who you really are; awakens the Ancient Wisdom and Power stored in you which will help you to live every day being in love and harmony with yourself and the World. With Love, Irina

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