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Irina Andrianova

Irina Andrianova
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(+7 705 180 18 64) +7 707 180 18 64

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Born on 05/13/1967 in Almaty Kazakhstan. An amazingly beautiful place in Almaty, which is located in the foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains (continuation of the Tien Shan mountains). Thanks to the energies of these high mountains, my internal and external attitude to people and life events was formed.
An innate curiosity and curiosity led me to interesting books and knowledge of spiritual people.

I graduated from high school, got a higher education in economics, which came in handy later. In 2005 a public organization with a poetic name "White Mountains" was formed, where I am the director. This organization is still working. The main activity of our organization is the provision of consulting services in the field of interpersonal relations.

These are conducting seminars of personal growth, seminars "Awakening the illuminated Heart" by Drunvalo, individual consultations, travel to the sacred places of the Earth, group meditations. The search for myself first brought me to the Vedic Masters from India.

Thus, I gained knowledge about Homa-therapy and the Agni-Hotra ritual. This scientifically based ritual purifies air and space powerfully within 2km. At this moment, a connection is formed between the rays of the Sun at dawn or dusk and the bowl of Agni-Hotra, in which the fire burns. Thus, this ritual has a healing effect on all life forms.

After meeting with Drunvalo's book "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" in 2002. I took the «Flower of Life» seminar. Then, I attended the training for facilitators of the « Flower of Life» seminar and signed a contract to conduct these seminars. She worked in this direction for 8 years.

Then there was an amazing experience with Drunvalo's new workshops and with himself. Passed a seminar "Awakening the illuminated Heart" with Drunvalo and other teachers of the School of Remembering. And in 2012 was attending the training for teachers of the School of Remembering in Mexico. Signed a contract with Drunvalo in July 2013 to conduct these seminars. And now I actively and with pleasure conduct these seminars in 12 cities of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. The search for oneself and the Spiritual Path continues ...

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