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Iliana Dima

Iliana Dima
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Athens, Greece.
​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(0030) 210-9602228
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

At a young age I realized that one of my purposes on Earth was to remind people of life in harmony with oneself, with nature and with the Earth within the Universe. I envisioned clinics, temples that everyone could visit and release any concerns, find solutions and connect better with oneself. I could see me, mediating, for people to gain release from convictions and harmonizing with one’s inner child.

After having completed high school, I was guided to studying psychology; while parallel working and studying dance and music in a State College. Along with my studies in psychology, I also began working in various voluntary organizations in Greece as well as in the US. Finishing my degree in general psychology, in 2000, I was guided to join the graduate programme at the University of Indianapolis in Clinical Psychology.

This deepened my knowledge, while also performing practical work at Saint Francis Hospital in Indiana. In 2003 after completion of my studies, full of dreams and positive energy I decided to embody these dreams in a therapeutic center in Athens, Greece.

I currently maintain a therapeutic center in Glyfada (Athens), where I have created the "healing temple" of which I always dreamt of. Here the client has the ability to choose the appropriate treatment they deserve: treatment through psychology, natural treatment, metaphysical or supplementary treatment, with an ultimate aim to releasing anything which is not in their bright purpose!

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