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Hira Hosèn

Hira Hosèn
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Sinai, Egypt
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Hira Hosèn is an international meditation facilitator, ascension catalyst, light language channeler and Source guide. Hira lived with her family in a Zen Temple in the South of France for a decade as an ordained Buddhist zen nun. Her husband KoSho is a free-diver and certified zen master, and they're now permanently living in Egypt with their beloved daughter.

Since the beginning, Hira is giving the Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) workshops all over the world as a certified teacher from the School of Remembering, founded in 2011 by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sedona, USA. Together with a beautiful group of colleagues, Hira was personally educated by Drunvalo in the first Teachers Training in Sedona, back in 2011, all the while following up her training with Drunvalo until his last Cosmic Grace workshop in Sedona in 2015.

Hira initially came to our planet to catalyse the great shift of global awakening, but now, after decades of being a way-shower, she feels mass Ascension is well established, so she can focus on her deepest passion: to be. By being, Hira channels divine Source into our human collective, allowing Heaven to stream into our beloved planet Earth.

Feel free to connect to Hira through her different New Earth services and offerings, like 1-on-1 private online Ascension Sessions; online workshops, Merkaba Light Body (ATIH) workshops; online ‘Ride Your Lotus’ classes with Ascension Activations; worldwide Sacred Site tours & workshops; Sacred Sexuality workshops for women (channeling Mary Magdalene); Healings; Sacred Initiations and Marriages; Unity grid & Stargate activations; Heart activations; Light Language channeling; DNA & Source light-code activations.

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