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Elena Burton

Elena Burton
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Sunshine Coast
​Official E-mail:
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(+61) 448-200099
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

My name is Elena Burton, and I am sure that human possibilities are endless. Knowing your inner world, we are able to change ourselves and the quality of our life. ⠀ I am a regressologist, hypnologist, personal development coach, a qualified teacher of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, meditation and workshops facilitator, and Feng Shui practitioner.

I like helping people to find their spiritual path, to live their best life by sharing amazing techniques and methods. I was born and raised in Soviet Russia. I believed in science and thought it would help me to understand the world and succeed in life, so I chose to become an engineer and graduated from the Aerospace University.

I was driven towards knowledge so I didn’t stop there and also received bachelor's degrees in Management and Economics. Looking back, I realize that whatever I was engaged in during my life, wherever I studied or whatever countries I traveled to, all roads lead me to deeper understanding of myself and the outer world.

I can proudly tell you that I have spent many years reading, studying, researching, and practicing spiritual knowledge. During the time when I was a student at University, I began to realize that life was much more than I thought it was. I had many questions, but couldn't find the answers. At the time modern science and education were not able to help me, thus began my journey back to "understanding" myself, and the mysteries of the Universe.

I was lucky enough to come across spiritual teaching at the break of the Soviet Union, in a way it was a turning point in my life, since I’ve studied and experienced many more different teachings and spiritual schools around the world with different teachers, as well as practicing yoga, different meditation techniques and attended sacred ceremonies around the world.

There are several ways of understanding the world, yourself and your place in it - religion, metaphysics, science, and creativity to name a few: I prefer to use all of these ways, as it is now my understanding that each of them can help unlock the puzzle of achieving the rational understanding of the human interaction with the surrounding universe. By sharing these amazing techniques and methods, I am able to help people to find their spiritual path, discover their life purpose, follow their hearts, and to live their best life. This is something I really enjoy.

For more than 25 years I have been developing in psychology and other disciplines that help to unleash human potential. ⠀ Conducted more than 70 workshops and seminars, about 1000 hours of individual consultations. More than 900 people went through the group and individual work. I traveled a lot. I conducted seminars, workshops and consulted people in different countries: Australia, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, South Africa, India, Thailand. ⠀

🎓 Trained and received QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technic) certification from Dolores Kennon, USA. 🎓 I completed a study at the Institute of Hypnosis and NLP in Moscow. 🎓 I studied at the Soul Regression Therapy Academy in Australia. 🎓 I studied coaching at Virtus Coach Academy in Moscow. 🎓 I have the qualification of a practical psychologist from the International Academy of Psychological Sciences. 🎓 Studied at the Feng Shui Institute Lillian Tu, Malaysia, receiving the specialization "Feng Shui Master Practitioner."

✔ I can help you change your life for the better. ✔ Help you to understand yourself, achieve your goals, and live your life consciously. ✔ My clients see positive changes after the first consultation. I live in Australia, conduct online/personal sessions, and workshops. It is the greatest gift, which you can give to yourself, returning your consciousness from your mind into your heart and allow your heart to lead you through your life.

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