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Dorothy H Wallis

Dorothy H Wallis
ATIH Teacher Certificate

United States
​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(303) 520-4602
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

Dorothy Wallis is an International Spiritual Teacher and Psychotherapist. She has taught meditation, vision quest, metaphysical and energy workshops since 1993.

At the forefront of the consciousness movement for over thirty years, she is grounded in practices of meditation, family systems, relationships, and emotional growth. Her work reflects efficacious modalities of alternative approaches to healing based upon the latest research in science, human energy fields, psychology, and spirituality.

In 2002, her mentor and friend, Drunvalo Melchizedek brought her into relationship with the Merkaba and into teaching the Flower of Life workshop, which evolved into being a certified teacher of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop.

Using sacred geometry, meditation, aligning the mind and heart, balancing the chakras and a modality of consciously and lovingly entering the heart space, this practice enables one to reach the unified field of the tiny space of the heart. Within this sacred space you remember your connection to all life and that we are all divine beings of Love.

Dorothy is a leader in the field of emotional consciousness and the connection to mind, body and spirit. Her compassionate approach using somatic and sensory awareness safely teaches you how to connect to your body, intuition and knowing to clear emotional wounds at the core.

Credentials • Psychotherapist M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy • Certified Instructor of The Awakening the Illuminated Heart • Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Wellness Institute • Certified in Relational Life Therapy from the Relational Life Institute • Shamanic Practitioner • Meditation Instructor & Workshop Facilitator • The Journey Therapy

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