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Dmitry Glukhov

Dmitry Glukhov
ATIH Teacher Certificate

United States
Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(801) 573-3105

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

My name is Dmitry Glukhov. I was born in Russia and came to the US in the 90's. Read Drunvalo's books and really resonated with his knowledge. When Drunvalo was doing his teacher training, I got really excited, applied and got certified as a teacher. I am based in Salt Lake City, Utah in the US, but I am happy to travel to any part of the world to share the teachings.

I love sharing Drunvalo's teachings, I find them essential to understand this reality in these times we are in. It is a manual to this game called life. Drunvalo's teachings are not just really interesting, they are very applicable and do work in real life. Drunvalo invites you to live from your Heart where magical things are happening.

Each workshop is a wonderful time of connecting to our Hearts and for me it is a great pleasure to be part of it. Each person is unique and walks away with what they came for, that is the magic of the workshop.

I am always expanding my consciousness and love the energy and experience exchange with other wonderful beings. The wisdom in this workshop has an amazing effect, especially for the people who weren't sure about going, but got beyond logical brain and went based on their feelings, heart calling.

Many life situations we are in could be resolved with just a little bit of understanding how this reality works and people think it is so simple, why they didn't know it before? Well, you did know it, but forgot ). Nothing new here, just remembering... Hope to see you in one of the workshops!

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