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Claudia Gonzalez de la Garza

Claudia Gonzalez de la Garza
ATIH Teacher Certificate

San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Official E-mail:
Contact phone number:
(444) 339-9777
Instagram and FB : @cloalquimia

Licensed and active ATIH teacher

When I started living the Path of the Heart in 2012 I was changed forever. Perhaps I just stoped wanting to be someone else and started following my Heart´s desires.

I´ve been teaching this workshop since 2013.
I share the Divine Femenine Masculine through Women Circles, courses and workshops.
I create experiences for people to discover their creative power and connect with Mother Nature.

I will be honored to learn from you and to share with you what I have experienced and is part of me now.

From my Heart

You may follow me on Instagram and FB

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