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Chatanya Petra Schaub

Chatanya Petra Schaub
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Heidelberg, Germany.
​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(+49) 157-54646750
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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

"Love is the core energy that rules everything. It's the force field of creation." John E. Fetzer It took some years for me to really understand and experience the truth of this - and there is no end.... I finally met Drunvalo in 2011 and was moved by his open heart and the depth of this workshop, which transmitted for me a greater understanding in many ways.

2013 I was trained as a teacher for the "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop. Since then I am teaching this seminar and others, beside my work as a holistic psychotherapist und work in the educational field with families.

I am grateful to be able to support people in finding their way into a deeper connection with their true essence, their core, which is the source of love, joy, inspiration, creativity, courage and health. I teach in German and Englisch, and am ready to travel to your place, if you want to organize a seminar there. WELCOME

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