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Carolyne Maree Gowen

Carolyne Maree Gowen
ATIH Teacher Certificate

​Official E-mail:
​Contact phone number:
(61) 418-411300
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Licensed and non-active ATIH teacher

Carolyne Gowen is a passionate and experienced meditation teacher. Carolyne is a certified teacher for Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

She has participated enthusiastically and extensively with Drunvalo Melchelzidek, attending the Flower of Life and the Earth/ Sky/ Living in the Heart workshops in Sydney, America and Spain. She now teaches classes in Sydney, Australia. Carolyne also completed her Meditation teacher training at the Chopra Centre in the US to with Deepak Chopra.

She has created the essential step-by-step online course - The Meditation Blueprint - which is a beautiful journey within to contact the stillness to reduce stress and anxiety.

Almost one thousand people have attended Carolyne’s meditation classes, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, parents, school children, people suffering severe depression, anxiousness, cancer patients, other illness and everyone in-between.

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