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Antje Krug

Antje Krug
ATIH Teacher Certificate

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Licensed and active ATIH teacher

I grew up in Berlin. Although I was raised atheistic, i always had an intimate connection with nature and a subtle reality. Through detours in my life I lost this ability out of sight for some years, but my soul led me safely back to my true purpose.

I remembered – In 2001 I did a training as a regressing-therapeut and today I work primarily with guided meditation, to help my clients with emotional trauma and to support them. In addition, I give workshops, to pass on the techniques of my work. Hereby more and more people can be shown a new way. In the process I especially focus on showing participants, how they can listen to their hearts and how they can integrate this into their everyday life.

My work gives me a lot of joy and it satisfies me very much. But since my childhood, I had asked myself again and again, why there is so much conflicts and suffering on earth, where actually all peoples needs and desires are the the same – love and understanding.

Everyone is struggling in his way for love and acceptance, one with success, a good position or a lot of money, and the other through elegant look or good deeds. It looks like a constant struggle for being better. And for thousands of years now it is exactly this polarity which humans have been fighting. What to do? What s the solution? And how we all can live happier and more satisfied?

When I met Drunalo Melchizedek for the first time in 2011, he gave a simple, as well as paradoxical answer to this question. Only our heart can do away with the polarity. It doesn’t know good or bad. That’s it! That’s the key! Awake your illuminated heart! Wake up and get away from your mind, from your thinking to your heart! It knows the answer. Your heart doesn’t evaluate, it doesn’t judge. It loves – that’s its purpose.

Long ago we people had this knowledge, but then we lost it. Now it’s time to remember again. Because we have everything we need – deep in our hearts. We all come from one source – from one idea – and we are all connected to each other. Let s live it together.

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