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Ana Maria Escobar

Ana Maria Escobar
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Official E-mail:
Contact phone number:
(57) 312-5944082
Website address:

Licensed and non-active ATIH teacher

I am a human being living this life in the most awaken form I can. I'm a healer, therapist, teacher, artist and jewelry maker. Worked for 7 years in a dolphin and marine mammals conservation project. Since I was 24, I have been trained in Crystal healing, Pranic healing, Reiki, Tantra, meditation, massage, Flower Essence healing, chakras, among other fields.

My path with Drunvalo started on 1999. First I took the FOL 10 days workshop. Then I took the Earth & Sky workshops with Drunvalo in different places and years, and the Living in the Heart workshops many times, also in different places.

Finally took the ATIH training with Drunvalo in Chapala on January 2012.
Currently I help people through healing consultation and design jewelry with crystals.

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