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Agathi & Daniel Mitel

Agathi & Daniel Mitel
ATIH Teacher Certificate

Vancouver Island,
Official E-mail:
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Licensed and active ATIH teachers

Agathi and Daniel are ATIH teachers and they are working very close with Drunvalo Melchizedek within the last 10 years. Daniel co-authored the "Journeys into the Heart" book with Drunvalo, while Agathi is involved in numerous projects with Drunvalo and Claudette Melchizedek.

Agathi and Daniel are leading the oldest spiritual and educational school of humanity, The School of The Heart (TSOTH). TSOTH is present today in 31 countries with 195 teachers. Drunvalo Melchizedek is guiding Agathi and Daniel within the new teaching of humanity and Agathi organised the latest conference of Drunvalo with all the ATIH teachers.

Numerous ATIH teachers are part of The School of the Heart and are sharing the 9 workshops that are part of the school now.

Agathi and Daniel together held almost 1000 ATIH workshops teaching more than 20,000 students how to create from the heart. They are still holding global events helping people to remember who they really are.

Agathi and Daniel are invited all over the world for conferences and live talk shows and recently they started a wonderful program at Awake TV where Drunvalo is together with other spiritual world leaders (Claudette, Sai Maa, etc) are going to be invited to share their wisdom.

Daniel wrote some of the most important books for spiritual growth of humanity getting already the best reviews on Amazon for "Journeys Into The Heart" and "Heart Imagery" books. His last book, "Melchizedek Teachings" is considered the most updated work about spirituality on this planet.

Agathi led couple of the most important projects of humanity (training for "Solar Impulse", "Intuitive Child", teaching business people to create from the heart, etc).

Agathi and Daniel are also involved in teaching children and helping them to preserve their power and innocence.

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