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John M. G. Thode

John M. G. Thode
ATIH Teacher Certificate

New Zealand
Official E-mail:
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(+64) 274-952441
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Liceneced and active ATIH teacher

From my Heart to Yours, Greetings Beautiful Light Beings. If you are reading this there is a chance that, right now, the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek are resonating within the Tiny Space of your Heart and you are feeling the call to remember who you really are. Now is the Time.

A long time ago you saw this life, this time, and you knew that you would find the Key, This is why this school is called, The School of Remembering. Since the Fall of Man, we have descended further and further into this dimension over a period of thousands of years.

Now is the time where we will begin our return to the Light. In the 1980’s The Ascended Masters gave this information to Drunvalo and asked him to bring it to the World, for no longer is this information to be kept in The Mystery Schools.

Now is the time to remember the ancient pathway back to the Heart, so that we can create from the Unity Consciousness of this Space and activate our Merkaba or Light Body. I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to bring this information to you.

When I read Drunvalo’s books it truly was a profound 'light bulb' moment in my life, and so it will be for all those who choose to make this journey. My spiritual path began back in the 70’s when my mother gave me many spiritual books that helped start the journey.

My particular spiritual connection is through the land, plants, animals and Mother Earth. I have practiced Steiner’s spiritual horticulture known as Bio Dynamics, I have studied most of the Spiritual Paths and currently I work as a Landscape Contractor, building gardens, and I have a plant nursery where we propagate and plant thousands of trees and shrubs a year.

With my wife Waveney, I believe we can bring you these Sacred teachings from both a Male and a Female perspective. It is even more important in these times that we wake up and begin this Journey. These are the times that we came for. It is time to Dream a New Dream. In the One Heart John

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